Duple improper contra dance

A1: See Saw Neighbor (left shoulder do-si-do)
    Men, Ald L 1-1/2

A2: Gypsy (or Balance) and Swing Partner

B1: Balance Ring; Petronella turn one place to right
    Balance Ring; Petronella-nella turn two places to right

B2: Balance and Swing Neighbor

I wrote this one in August, 2007 for the Wasatch Wiggle dance weekend produced by the Salt Lake City dancers. The dance has been through a couple of revisions. Initially I choreographed an inverse “Mad Robin” figure to start, with the men passing in front of neighbor to start. I called that the “Happy Raven”. That works, but I replaced it with the see saw because it’s easier to teach and allows more neighbor interaction. The motion from the B2 neighbor swing carries one into that trajectory.

I’d never seen a Petronella turn which moves two places. I named it a Petronella-nella and dancers immediately liked it when I introduced this dance for the first time in Seattle. I hope I get to dance it sometime; it looks like fun.