Becket contra dance

A1: Give-and-Take; Swing neighbor on gent's side. End facing down the hall.

A2: Down the hall four in line (about six steps only); Switch ends and turn alone*
    Return and bend the lines

B1: Circle L 3/4; Slide left to face next neighbors
    Two ladies Do-Si-Do

B2: Balance and Swing partner

Mike Richardson wrote a dance called “Now We Are Three” which this dance is based on. Mike’s dance begins with long lines F&B, then a half hey. In the B1 the circle is once around. Other than that, this is the same dance. Mike’s dance is more interesting in that when you slide left in the B1, for half of you the women lead, for the rest the men lead. I wanted to do the switch-ends-turn-alone figure, but I needed a dance with a neighbor swing. I tweaked Mike’s dance a bit and arrived at this one in the Summer of 2009. I encourage callers to try Now We Are Three as well as this one. Thanks, Mike.

*Facing down, the couple on the right step forward and slide straight left. The couple on the left slide straight right. Once the two couples have switched ends of the line (still facing down), then all turn alone to face back up the hall.