Improper contra dance
Start in wavy line across; women take L in center, give R to neighbor

A1: Balance wave R and L; slide R
    Balance wave L and R; slide L (women slide L all the way across to Partner)

A2: Balance and Swing Partner

B1: Give and Take (Long Lines Forward; men hand partner to other man, men fall back with neighbor woman for a...)
    Swing neighbor

B2: Balance the ring; Rollaway partner across
    Circle L x 1/2; Pass through up/down to next wave

At the end of A1 if there is space and inclination, the women have a great opportunity to spin twice on their way across the set to meet their partners.

I wrote this dance back around 2006 to go with the tune Evil Diane by Sam Bartlett. I got Sam’s permission to use a take off from his tune name. Sam was intrigued by the mythology/story of the dance. Duane was Diane’s high school boyfriend. It didn’t work out; Duane cheated on Diane halfway through the dance. After one last “rollaway” (ahem…) they broke it off and went on to the next. But do we ever really learn from these experiences? Apparently not. We seek pleasure wherever there’s a great tune to dance to.

My intent has been to call this dance when the tune Evil Diane is available in the band’s repritore. My hope is that you enjoy it in the same way. Any similarity to actual Dianes or Duanes is strictly coincidental.