Duple Proper contra dance

A1: 1st corners walk around each other by the left halfway to meet partner on the side; Balance partner on bars 3 and 4
    Swing partner

A2: Circle left 3/4
    Swing neighbor

B1: Balance ring; 1s rollaway the 2s from above to below (1's move up a place as you rollaway)
    1's dance Half Figure 8 down through 2s to end in home place

B2: All allemande left partner 3/4 to wave of four up/down center of set.
    In the middle of the wave of four, the two by the right hand (second corners) allemande 1-1/2
    to the other end of the wave while the two at the ends of the wave orbit ccw to the other end of the wave.
    All allemande left partner 3/4 to end on proper side of the set.

For a long time I’ve been wanting to work the final orbit figure from Joyce Walker’s English dance Fenterlarick into a contra dance. I finally managed it and got to call it for the first time at a new English/Contra dance camp near Payson, AZ the weekend of June 17-19, 2011. The dance camp itself is high on the Mogollon Rim in Northern Arizona and is called Dancing on the Edge. It was very rewarding to see the dancers enjoying this new hybrid contribution to the contra dance repritoire.

Contra dancers may not be familiar with their corners, so do let them know who first corners are and remind them that roles switch when they turn around at the ends of the set. Also, make sure the 1s move up one place during the rollaway lest the dance creep down the hall. I haven’t seen that happen, but if the 1s are lazy with the rollaway it could…