Greetings. I’m Erik.

I created the web site years ago so that people wouldn’t have to search for information when assembling fliers or other publicity for events I’ve called or played for.  It has also been a place to make contra dances I’ve written accessible to anyone interested.  The dances are still here, over on the right.  Other than that I’m not particularly involved with calling contra dances any longer. I chose to not follow the crowd in acquiescing to demands that I change the way I call, and as a consequence I don’t get hired which is really quite fine with me.  Many other of life’s opportunities have presented themselves without the need to spend entire weekends programming, driving, calling, driving home and recovering from sleeplessness.

I do call English dance, mostly locally, which I enjoy very much.  I call traditionally. When that falls out of favor, I’ll likewise find other things to do.

Musically I play for contra dances with the band Joyride, and English dance with a band called Fine Companions.  Organizationally, I work with Sue Songer in production of the Portland Megaband events and with my bandmates in producing a monthly contra dance in North Portland. I currently do the caller scheduling for the local Friday night ECD.

I retired from my day job in 2019 with the intent to travel.  My wife and I took a trip to Northern France and then the pandemic came.  Getting back into travel now, and that’s exciting. Locally, I work keeping this old house of ours in good shape, maintaining a vegetable and several flower gardens as well as a large yard (Images), and working in my shop. In retirement I’ve been developing my skills in woodworking and associated crafts. Some of the results of that are here.

If you need more or different information for publicity purposes, please write and let me know

Thank you for visiting.