Becket (sort-of) contra dance
Start in wavy line across; men take R in center, give L to partner

A1: Balance wave forward and back
    All drop hands, step forward to new wave
    Balance new wave forward and back
    Allemande L ~3/4

A2: Balance and Swing Partner

B1: Circle L 3/4; pass through up/down
    Swing next neighbor; end facing across

B2: Women allemande R 1-12
    All allemande L partner ~1-1/4 to wave with men in center by R

I wrote this dance in February, 2005 because I needed an accessible, interesting dance to fit the tune Oddville Cupola by Claude Ginsberg of the Seattle contra dance band KGB ( The Portland Megaband has played Oddville Cupola for the last couple years and this dance has been very pleasing to dancers when danced to that tune. Of course, it will work with any 32-bar tune, but that one is special. Thanks, Claude!