Duple Improper Contra
Double Progression

A1: Gypsy and Swing Nbr.

A2: Long Lines Forward and Back
    Pass Through; Swing Through

B1: Balance and Sw. Part.

B2: Cir. L 3/4
    Weave the Line to 3rd couple

I introduced this dance in Portland back around 2002 or 2003 before I had chosen a title. A woman asked to copy it down. Her name was (and still is, I presume) Valerie, visiting from Juneau, AK. I was pleased that she liked it and named it on the spot. This dance has become one of my favorites. The pass through; swing through figure involves a pass through to an ocean wave, immediately followed by an allemande right halfway and gents turn by the left halfway to meet partners on the side.