Becket contra dance
Start in wave across; men take L in center, give R to partner.

A1: Balance wave R&L; Allemande R 3/4 to long wave (men facing in)
    Balance wave R&L; Allemande R 3/4 to short wave (ladies in center)

A2: Balance wave and Swing Partner

B1: Circle L 3/4; Pass thru up/down
    Swing next Neighbor along

B2: 1/2 Hey across (men start by L shoulder)
    Men allemande L 1-1/2 to beginning wave

The A part of this dance is reminiscent of the wonderful dance “You Can’t Get There From Here” by Carol Ormond. For some programming I was doing I needed the simplicity of that figure but in a Becket formation. When I danced it out in the barn with Caroline I liked how it felt. We danced to the tune Seagull by Steeleye Span, hence the name. That was back in 2008 in the Fall, I believe.