Double progression, improper contra dance
Begin in progressed position
(next to neighbor on the side, woman on the right, facing partner across)

A1: Hey (Women start with R shoulder)

A2: Women pass right once again
    Swing partner

B1: Circle L x 1
    Women chain across

B2: Long Lines Forward and Back
    With NEXT neighbor, Gate halfway (men forward, women back)
    With NEXT neighbor, Gate halfway (men back, women forward)

The progression at the end of the dance was picked out of the English dance The Rose of Rochester which I though was too good to not share with contra dancers. The gate figures should wrap around the ends of the lines; if you don’t have a NEXT neighbor to do the gate, do the figure with your partner who happens to be accross from you. You may have to reach for it, but it will get you in the right place to start the dance again. I’m not sure when I wrote it. Somewhere around 2002 I think.