Duple Improper Contra

A1: Gypsy N 
    Mad Robin figure around N

A2: Half Pousette clockwise (Men back to begin)
    Hey halfway (men start with L shoulder)

B1: Men pass left once more to cross the set and swing partner*

B2: Women chain
    Star L to next N

This is one of the most flowing dances I’ve written (2007…?) and dancers have expressed appreciation for the connectedness and satisfying feel. After the half pousette with partner, the women should let go and take a step back and to the left in order to leave room in the middle for the men to begin the hey. The timing of this dance has been described as “squishy”, which is ok. Encourage dancers to stretch out the Mad Robin, the Pousette and the Hey and use all the music provided. The dance was originally written to dance the fifth change of the hey in the B1, but dancers seem to prefer to arrive for the swing at the top of the phrase. That’s fine, but they shouldn’t arrive earlier than that. *I’ve recently been teaching this dance the way I initially intended it; with the fifth change of the hey and then the swing in the B1 part of the dance. I’ve found that as I get better at teaching it, it has become easier to convince dancers to suspend their hurry in getting to the next figure during the A parts. As dancers relax into the flow they seem to enjoy it more, and saving that last crossing by the gents until the B1 seems to enhance the joy. (8/2011)