I’m not good at writing about myself; so I asked my friend Sue Songer to write some additional information about my dance calling which some may find useful.  Thank you, Sue.


Whenever Erik Weberg calls, the hall is packed with dancers, who know the evening is sure to be a great one. Here’s why: Equally adept at contra and English calling, Erik chooses dances that are tailor-made for the occasion at hand, matching the dances to experience level of the crowd and providing a wealth of variety in the program. (If he doesn’t have a dance that suits his needs, he will write one-many of these are widely called.) His teaching is exceptionally encouraging, clear, and concise making it easy for all to gain a sense of mastery while keeping momentum rolling throughout the evening. Because Erik is also an accomplished contra and English dance musician, he is unusually good at conveying the feel of the music he would like for each of the dances he calls. Band members then have a clear idea about what to play (English musicians have a sense of the mood of the dance), and dancers reap the rewards when they experience a wonderful synergy between the dance figures and the music. Erik’s ability to connect with dancers and his sly sense of humor insure an upbeat, congenial atmosphere on the floor as well as a terrific dance experience. This combination of attributes explains why he is in continual demand as a caller at week end and week-long dance camps as well as a favorite on Friday and Saturday nights in his home base, Portland, Oregon.

Sue Songer
March, 2009