January 5, 2022

I’ve slowly been working my way out of the contra dance calling scene.  32 years ago I started calling contra dances and for the most part it has brought me great joy and a sense of belonging in a world I care about.  Lately, I’ve been finding calling contra dances to be less rewarding than it used to be for a variety of reasons.  I’ve also become a bit of a dinosaur in that I’m unable or unwilling to adapt to what modern contra dancers, mostly younger dancers, demand and expect of their dance experience.  Since I have other ways to remain very active in this wonderful world of dance and music, I’m quite happy to leave the contra calling to others as they explore different ways to teach dances and express themselves from the mic.

Contra dance calling: I’m only going to do occasional local (Portland) gigs and a select few gigs in surrounding communities.  Dance camps; occasionally, in the right places, who will hire me for what I do.

English Calling: I mainly call locally anyway, but I’ll continue local calling and taking out-of-town ECD gigs as they come up.

Joyride: I’ll continue playing with Joyride as our schedules allow.

Fine Companions:  I’ll continue playing with Fine Companions as our schedules allow.

So, really, the only big change for the time being is that I’m going to be pulling back dramatically on my contra dance calling.  That includes weekends and camps, although I may still do some.  Feel free to ask, but please don’t be put out if I turn down your gig.  It’s got nothing to do with you and everything to do with how I see my role in the dance and music world changing.